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aesthetics or (sometimes US) esthetics (iːsˈθɛtɪks ɪs-)


noun (functioning as singular)

  1. the branch of philosophy concerned with the study of such concepts as beauty, taste, etc
  2. the study of the rules and principles of art

Word Origin

C18: from Greek aisthētikos perceptible by the senses, from aisthesthai to perceive

Example Sentences Including 'aesthetics'

Expect machines from the Mittys; aesthetics from the Anders; balks from the Berklis.
Tepper, Sheri S. A Plague of Angels
A professor for the Art School had remarked that he' d never met a man with a poorer sense of aesthetics.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)
On the far side of the plaza of columns stood a building that was in some ways the paradigm of Ketherian aesthetics.
Clive Barker EVERVILLE (2001)


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