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Definitions of agnostic

agnostic  (æɡˈnɒstɪk



  1. a person who holds that knowledge of a Supreme Being, ultimate cause, etc, is impossible Compare atheist, theist
  2. a person who claims, with respect to any particular question, that the answer cannot be known with certainty


  1. of or relating to agnostics

Derived Forms

agˈnosticism  noun

Word Origin

C19: coined 1869 by T. H. Huxley from a-1 + gnostic


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= sceptic, cynic, scoffer, doubter, disbeliever, unbeliever, doubting Thomas, Pyrrhonist



combining form in adjective

  1. (computing) not restricted to using one type of hardware or software

Example Sentences Including 'agnostic'

I hate these long intervals when I'm a dithering agnostic or a rampant atheist.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths
I believed in God until I was fifteen when I decided it would be smart to be an agnostic.
Howatch, Susan Ultimate Prizes
declared Lord Flaxton, the agnostic who always voted with the Liberals in the House of Lords.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths


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