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agree  (əˈɡriː



Word forms:   agrees,  agreeing,  agreed
(mainly intransitive)
  1. (often followed by with) to be of the same opinion; concur
  2. (also transitive; when intransitive, often followed by to; when transitive, takes a clause as object or an infinitive) to give assent; consent   ⇒ she agreed to go home,   ⇒ I'll agree to that
  3. (also transitive; when intransitive, followed by on or about; when transitive, may take a clause as object) to come to terms (about); arrive at a settlement (on)   ⇒ they agreed a price,   ⇒ they agreed on the main points
  4. (followed by with) to be similar or consistent; harmonize; correspond
  5. (followed by with) to be agreeable or suitable (to one's health, temperament, etc)
  6. (transitive; takes a clause as object) to concede or grant; admit   ⇒ they agreed that the price they were asking was too high
  7. (transitive) to make consistent with   ⇒ to agree the balance sheet with the records by making adjustments, writing off, etc
  8. (grammar) to undergo agreement

Word Origin

C14: from Old French agreer, from the phrase a gre at will or pleasure


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= concur, engage, be as one, sympathize, assent, see eye to eye, be of the same opinion, be of the same mind, be down with (informal)

Translations for 'agree'

  • British English: agree If you agree with someone, you have the same opinion about something.I agree with you entirely.I agree that the demise of the zoo would be terrible.əˈɡriː VERB
  • Arabic: يُوافِقُ عَلَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: concordar
  • Chinese: 同意
  • Croatian: složiti se
  • Czech: souhlasit
  • Danish: være enig
  • Dutch: mee eens zijn
  • European Spanish: estar de acuerdo
  • Finnish: olla samaa mieltä
  • French: être d’accord
  • German: zustimmen
  • Greek: συμφωνώ
  • Italian: concordare
  • Japanese: 賛成する
  • Korean: 동의하다
  • Norwegian: samtykke
  • Polish: zgodzić się zgadzać się
  • Portuguese: concordar
  • Romanian: a fi de acord
  • Russian: соглашаться
  • Spanish: estar de acuerdo
  • Swedish: hålla med
  • Thai: เห็นด้วย
  • Turkish: aynı fikirde olmak
  • Ukrainian: погоджуватися погодитись
  • Vietnamese: đồng ý

Example Sentences Including 'agree'

No, it hadn't taken much persuasion to get her to agree to be interviewed.
Made some criticism of her and then asked her to agree with him, all wreathed in smiles.
Stuart Harrison LOST SUMMER (2002)
You will agree to consult me regarding any offer of ransom made on my behalf.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)


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