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alcohol  (ˈælkəˌhɒl



  1. Also called: ethanol, ethyl alcohol a colourless flammable liquid, the active principle of intoxicating drinks, produced by the fermentation of sugars, esp glucose, and used as a solvent and in the manufacture of organic chemicals. Formula: C2H5OH
  2. a drink or drinks containing this substance
  3. (chemistry) any one of a class of organic compounds that contain one or more hydroxyl groups bound to carbon atoms. The simplest alcohols have the formula ROH, where R is an alkyl group Compare phenol (sense 2 See also diol, triol

Word Origin

C16: via New Latin from Medieval Latin, from Arabic al-kuhl powdered antimony; see kohl


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= drink, spirits, liquor, intoxicant, juice (informal), booze (informal), the bottle (informal), grog (informal) (mainly Australian) ( & New Zealand), the hard stuff (informal), strong drink, Dutch courage (informal), firewater, John Barleycorn, hooch or hootch (informal) (mainly US) ( & Canadian), falling-down juice (slang)
= ethanol, ethyl alcohol

Translations for 'alcohol'

  • British English: alcohol Drinks that can make people drunk, such as beer, wine, and whisky, can be referred to as alcohol.Do either of you drink alcohol?ˈælkəˌhɒl NOUN
  • Arabic: كُحُول
  • Brazilian Portuguese: álcool
  • Chinese: 酒精
  • Croatian: alkohol
  • Czech: alkohol
  • Danish: alkohol
  • Dutch: alcohol
  • European Spanish: alcohol
  • Finnish: alkoholi
  • French: alcool
  • German: Alkohol
  • Greek: οινόπνευμα
  • Italian: alcol
  • Japanese: アルコール
  • Korean: 알코올
  • Norwegian: alkohol
  • Polish: alkohol
  • Portuguese: álcool
  • Romanian: alcool alcooluri
  • Russian: алкоголь
  • Spanish: alcohol
  • Swedish: alkohol
  • Thai: เหล้า
  • Turkish: alkol
  • Ukrainian: алкогольні напої
  • Vietnamese: rượu cồn

Example Sentences Including 'alcohol'

He wanted that ferocity of the pure, colourless alcohol in is throat.
By the early hours both men were pale with exhaustion, coffee and alcohol.
Kippax, Frank The Scar
He sat at the steering wheel, tearful, panting with the alcohol in his system.


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