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alignment (əˈlaɪnmənt Pronunciation for alignment



  1. arrangement in a straight line
  2. the line or lines formed in this manner
  3. alliance or union with a party, cause, etc
  4. proper or desirable coordination or relation of components
  5. a ground plan of a railway, motor road, etc
  6. (archaeology) an arrangement of one or more ancient rows of standing stones, of uncertain significance
  7. (psychology) integration or harmonization of aims, practices, etc within a group
  8. (psychology) identification with or matching of the behaviour, thoughts, etc of another person


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= lining up, line, order, ranging, arrangement, evening, sequence, regulating, adjustment, coordination, straightening up, evening up

Translations for 'alignment'

  • British English: alignment An alignment is support for a particular group, especially in politics, or for a side in a quarrel or struggle. NOUN…an alignment of interests.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: alinhamento
  • Chinese: 结盟结結盟
  • European Spanish: alineación
  • French: alignement
  • German: Ausrichtung
  • Italian: schieramento
  • Japanese: 提携
  • Korean: 동조
  • Portuguese: alinhamento
  • Spanish: alineación

Example Sentences Including 'alignment'

"I was thinking more of the alignment of interior with the exterior.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)
By building a motorway between Cahir and Mitchelstown you create 55,000 spaces a day in addition to the 20,000 on the present alignment.
Irish Times (2002)
In this case, the stars ' alignment with the arm could be mere coincidence.
New Scientist (2004)
Near its perimeter the road alignment had to cross the Mill Burn, which runs through the glen.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
The magnetic field of the brain was in alignment with the backbone.
Sillitoe, Alan The Open Door
There is a strain in being superfit and the delicate balance of the body can move out of alignment with disastrous results.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
They are distillations of complex techniques that provide the user with the basics of body alignment.
Rush, Anne Kent The Modern Book of Massage
With her back held in the correct postural alignment she rose from the sofa.
Salley Vickers MR GOLIGHTLY'S HOLIDAY (2003)
``A stainless steel bellows facilitated beam alignment ,' Ziggy writes.
The Australian (2004)


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