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anarchism  (ˈænəˌkɪzəm



  1. (political theory) a doctrine advocating the abolition of government
  2. the principles or practice of anarchists

Translations for 'anarchism'

  • British English: anarchism Anarchism is the belief that the laws and power of governments should be replaced by people working together freely. NOUNHe advocated anarchism as the answer to social problems.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: anarquismo
  • Chinese: 无政府主义无無政府主义義
  • European Spanish: anarquismo
  • French: anarchisme
  • German: Anarchismus
  • Italian: anarchia
  • Japanese: 無政府主義
  • Korean: 무정부주의
  • Portuguese: anarquismo
  • Spanish: anarquismo


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