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anarchism (ˈænəˌkɪzəm Pronunciation for anarchism



  1. (political theory) a doctrine advocating the abolition of government
  2. the principles or practice of anarchists

Translations for 'anarchism'

  • British English: anarchism Anarchism is the belief that the laws and power of governments should be replaced by people working together freely. NOUNHe advocated anarchism as the answer to social problems.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: anarquismo
  • Chinese: 无政府主义无無政府主义義
  • European Spanish: anarquismo
  • French: anarchisme
  • German: Anarchismus
  • Italian: anarchia
  • Japanese: 無政府主義
  • Korean: 무정부주의
  • Portuguese: anarquismo
  • Spanish: anarquismo

Example Sentences Including 'anarchism'

The moral redemption of the occupied zones will be long and difficult because in Spain the roots of anarchism are old and deep.
Preston, Paul Franco
The noun anarchism is derived from the Greek root'without a rule '.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
Zeno of Citium, founder of Stoic philosophy, is regarded as the father of anarchism.
Glasgow Herald (2002)


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