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annihilate  (əˈnaɪəˌleɪt



  1. (transitive) to destroy completely; extinguish
  2. (transitive) (informal) to defeat totally, as in debate or argument
  3. (intransitive) (physics) to undergo annihilation

Derived Forms

annihilable  (əˈnaɪələbəl   adjective
anˈnihilative  adjective
anˈnihiˌlator  noun

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin annihilāre to bring to nothing, from Latin nihil nothing


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= destroy, abolish, wipe out, erase, eradicate, extinguish, obliterate, liquidate, root out, exterminate, nullify, extirpate, wipe from the face of the earth, kennet (Australian) (slang), jeff (Australian) (slang)

Translations for 'annihilate'

  • British English: annihilate To annihilate something means to destroy it completely. VERBThere are lots of ways of annihilating the planet.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aniquilar
  • Chinese: 毁灭毁毀灭滅
  • European Spanish: aniquilar
  • French: anéantir
  • German: vernichten
  • Italian: annientare
  • Japanese: 全滅させる
  • Korean: 완전히 파괴하다
  • Portuguese: aniquilar
  • Spanish: aniquilar

Example Sentences Including 'annihilate'

This time it stopped him signalling his two nephews to annihilate me.
Gash, Jonathan The Tartan Ringers
It was her intention to annihilate him; no other punishment she could imagine would have been severe enough to placate her.
McCorquodale, Robin Dansville
What do you think of the idea of a single bomb that could completely annihilate a whole city?


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