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annihilator (əˈnaɪəˌleɪtə) 



  1. (formal) a person who destroys something or someone completely


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= destroyer, extinguisher, expunger, exterminator, eradicator, nullifier, obliterator, deracinator, extirpator

annihilate (əˈnaɪəˌleɪt Pronunciation for annihilate



  1. (transitive) to destroy completely; extinguish
  2. (transitive) (informal) to defeat totally, as in debate or argument
  3. (intransitive) (physics) to undergo annihilation

Derived Forms

annihilable (əˈnaɪələbəl Pronunciation for annihilable  adjective
anˈnihilative adjective
anˈnihiˌlator noun

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin annihilāre to bring to nothing, from Latin nihil nothing

Example Sentences Including 'annihilator'

And he's spent the past six weeks in training, buffing up for his part as an annihilator.
Globe and Mail (2003)
She is also the death-bringer, the destroyer, the annihilator.
Amoda MOVING INTO ECSTASY: An Urban Mystic's Guide to Movement, Music and Meditation (2001)


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