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announcement  (əˈnaʊnsmənt



  1. a public statement
  2. a brief item or advertisement, as in a newspaper
  3. a formal printed or written invitation
  4. the act of announcing

Translations for 'announcement'

  • British English: announcement An announcement is a public statement which gives information about something that has happened or that will happen....an announcement of a cut in the bank loan rate.əˈnaʊnsmənt NOUN
  • Arabic: إِعْلان
  • Brazilian Portuguese: proclamação
  • Chinese: 宣告
  • Croatian: najava
  • Czech: oznámení
  • Danish: bekendtgørelse
  • Dutch: aankondiging
  • European Spanish: anuncioaviso
  • Finnish: ilmoitus
  • French: annonce
  • German: Ankündigung
  • Greek: ανακοίνωση
  • Italian: annuncio
  • Japanese: 発表
  • Korean: 발표
  • Norwegian: kunngjøring
  • Polish: ogłoszenieobwieszczenie
  • Portuguese: comunicação
  • Romanian: anunț anunțuri
  • Russian: объявление
  • Spanish: anuncio
  • Swedish: offentliggörande
  • Thai: การประกาศ
  • Turkish: duyuru
  • Ukrainian: повідомлення
  • Vietnamese: thông báo

Example Sentences Including 'announcement'

On Friday afternoon, just before school broke up, she made an announcement.
Martin, Joy The Image of Laura
The Vatican will make an announcement within the next few hours.
Higgins, Jack Confessional
An announcement board on an easel was set up close by the door.
Butterworth, Michael The Five Million Dollar Prince


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