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anti-Semitism (ˌæntɪˈsemɪtɪzəm) 



  1. prejudice or hostility towards Jews   ⇒ The extreme right-wing National Front promoted anti-Semitism.




  1. a person who persecutes or discriminates against Jews

Derived Forms

ˌanti-ˈSemitism noun

Example Sentences Including 'anti-Semitism'

And my children, they experience no more anti-Semitism at school than I myself did.
Mosco, Maisie Out of the Ashes
At the root of the violence lies a vehement anti-Semitism , now extended to encompass a generalised anti-Westernism.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
How in the world does anti-Semitism share a space with Catholicism's professed universal sanctity of the human spirit?
Globe and Mail (2003)
Laura would not let herself envisage there ever again being a Hitlerite manifestation of anti-Semitism.
Mosco, Maisie Out of the Ashes
Left Behind is shot through with what Thompson calls "never explicit anti-Semitism.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Supposedly he was mistaken for that Rabbi Richler who's always on the box about the increase in anti-Semitism in Britain.
Harcourt, Palma A Matter of Conscience
The town was thus turned into a `general headquarters of anti-Semitism ".
Blinkhorn, Martin (ed) Fascists and Conservatives


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