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  1. a person who persecutes or discriminates against Jews

Derived Forms

ˌanti-ˈSemitism noun

Example Sentences Including 'anti-Semite'

He is an anti-Semite , and he has used the privilege of his position to attack Jake Silverman, not just the Party.
Thomas, Rosie The White Dove
He renounces Hitler's war against the Jews as "evil" and flaunts his support for Israel's hard right as evidence he is not an anti-Semite.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
He, David - a dubious comparison for a man considered an anti-Semite - was taking on Goliath.
Irish Times (2002)
I will let your readers judge whether I come under Gove's rubric of " anti-Semite ".
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Maybe some kind fellow anti-Semite in a country Ernst Zundel says never had a Holocaust can hide him in an attic for a couple of years.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Not bad considering Moby once described Slim Shady as'a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, and an anti-Semite.
Megastar (2004)
`Look, if I sounded like a chauvinist before, maybe I'll sound like an anti-Semite now.
Telushkin, Josef The Unorthodox Murder of Rabbi Moss


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