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Arab  (ˈærəb) 



  1. a member of a Semitic people originally inhabiting Arabia, who spread throughout the Middle East, N Africa, and Spain during the seventh and eighth centuries ad
  2. a lively intelligent breed of horse, mainly used for riding
  3. (modifier) of or relating to the Arabs   ⇒ the Arab nations

Word Origin

C14: from Latin Arabs, from Greek Araps, from Arabic `Arab

Translations for 'Arab'

  • British English: Arab Arab means belonging or relating to Arabs or to their countries or customs.On the surface, it appears little has changed in the Arab world.ˈærəb ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: عَرَبِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: árabe
  • Chinese: 阿拉伯的
  • Croatian: arapski arapska
  • Czech: arabský
  • Danish: arabisk
  • Dutch: Arabisch
  • European Spanish: árabe
  • Finnish: arabialainen
  • French: arabe
  • German: arabisch
  • Greek: αραβικός αραβική
  • Italian: arabo araba
  • Japanese: アラビアの
  • Korean: 아랍의
  • Norwegian: arabisk
  • Polish: arabski arabska
  • Portuguese: árabe
  • Romanian: arab arabă, arabi, arabe
  • Russian: арабский арабская
  • Spanish: árabe
  • Swedish: arabisk arabiskt
  • Thai: เกี่ยวกับชาวอาหรับ
  • Turkish: Arap
  • Ukrainian: арабський
  • Vietnamese: thuộc Arab
  • British English: Arab Arabs are people who speak Arabic and who come from the Middle East and parts of North Africa.ˈærəb NOUN
  • Arabic: عَرَبِيّperson
  • Brazilian Portuguese: árabe
  • Chinese: 阿拉伯人
  • Croatian: Arapin
  • Czech: Arab Arabka
  • Danish: araber
  • Dutch: Arabier
  • European Spanish: árabe
  • Finnish: arabi
  • French: Arabe
  • German: Araber Araberin
  • Greek: Άραβας Αράβισσα
  • Italian: arabo araba
  • Japanese: アラビア人
  • Korean: 아랍 사람
  • Norwegian: araber
  • Polish: Arab Arabka
  • Portuguese: árabe
  • Romanian: arab arabă, arabi, arabe
  • Russian: араб арабка
  • Spanish: árabe
  • Swedish: arab arabiska
  • Thai: ชาวอาหรับ
  • Turkish: Arap
  • Ukrainian: араб арабка
  • Vietnamese: người Arab

Example Sentences Including 'Arab'

He was met at Lod Airport by a taciturn Arab who drove him to the Seven Gates without speaking a word.
Loraine, Philip Loaded Questions
He also gave her a key to a safe-deposit box, number 718, held at the Arab Bank on the Edgware Road.
Calder was in no hurry to disembark, allowing the Arab to go ahead of him.
Forbes, Bryan The Endless Game


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