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Definitions of ask

ask  (ɑːsk



  1. (often followed by about) to put a question (to); request an answer (from)   ⇒ she asked (him) about God
  2. (transitive) to inquire about   ⇒ she asked him the time of the train,   ⇒ she asked the way
  3. (transitive) to direct or put (a question)
  4. (may take a clause as object or an infinitive) often foll by for to make a request or demand   ⇒ she asked (him) for information,   ⇒ they asked for a deposit
  5. (transitive) to demand or expect (esp in the phrases ask a lot of, ask too much of)
  6. Also: ask out, ask over (transitive) to request (a person) politely to come or go to a place; invite   ⇒ he asked her to the party
  7. (transitive) to need; require   ⇒ the job asks both time and patience
  8. (transitive) (archaic) to proclaim (marriage banns)


  1. See a big ask

See also

ask after, ask for

Derived Forms

ˈasker  noun

Word Origin

Old English āscian; related to Old Frisian āskia, Old Saxon ēscon, Old High German eiscōn


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= request, apply to, appeal to, plead with, demand, urge, sue, pray, beg, petition, crave, solicit, implore, enjoin, beseech, entreat, supplicate

Ask  (ɑːsk



  1. (Norse mythology) the first man, created by the gods from an ash tree

Translations for 'ask'

  • British English: ask If you ask someone a question, you say that you want to know something.I asked him what his name was.ɑːsk VERB
  • Arabic: يَسْأَلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: perguntar
  • Chinese: 询问
  • Croatian: pitati
  • Czech: zeptat se ptát se
  • Danish: spørge
  • Dutch: vragen
  • European Spanish: preguntar
  • Finnish: kysyä
  • French: demander
  • German: fragen
  • Greek: ρωτώ
  • Italian: chiedere
  • Japanese: 尋ねる
  • Korean: 묻다질문
  • Norwegian: spørre
  • Polish: zapytać pytać
  • Portuguese: perguntar
  • Romanian: a întreba
  • Russian: спрашивать
  • Spanish: preguntar
  • Swedish: fråga
  • Thai: ถาม
  • Turkish: sormak
  • Ukrainian: запитувати запитати
  • Vietnamese: hỏi

Example Sentences Including 'ask'

She was rather disgusted that she had not thought to ask Filip to pack any food.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
Let her breathe the air outside of Sanctuary for a time and then ask her the same question.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
Walter, she checked into that hotel alone - don't ask me why, I can't explain it.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2002)


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