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asker (ˈɑːskə) 



  1. someone who asks a question

ask (ɑːsk Pronunciation for ask



  1. (often followed by about) to put a question (to); request an answer (from)   ⇒ she asked (him) about God
  2. (transitive) to inquire about   ⇒ she asked him the time of the train, she asked the way
  3. (transitive) to direct or put (a question)
  4. (may take a clause as object or an infinitive) often foll by for to make a request or demand   ⇒ she asked (him) for information, they asked for a deposit
  5. (transitive) to demand or expect (esp in the phrases ask a lot of, ask too much of)
  6. Also: ask out, ask over (transitive) to request (a person) politely to come or go to a place; invite   ⇒ he asked her to the party
  7. (transitive) to need; require   ⇒ the job asks both time and patience
  8. (transitive) (archaic) to proclaim (marriage banns)


  1. See a big ask

See also

ask after, ask for

Derived Forms

ˈasker noun

Word Origin

Old English āscian; related to Old Frisian āskia, Old Saxon ēscon, Old High German eiscōn

Example Sentences Including 'asker'

I'm a question asker , and they don't like me asking questions ' (R53, female, 62, D).
British Medical Journal (2002)


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