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Athos (ˈæθɒs Pronunciation for Athos ; ˈeɪ-) 



  1. See Mount Athos

Example Sentences Including 'Athos'

Buddy Dye said nearly 1.8 million litres from the tanker Athos I are unaccounted for, but called a leak of that size a "worst-case scenario.
canada.com (2004)
Russia seized the chance to gain access to the Mediterranean through Athos.
Christopher Merrill JOURNEY TO THE HOLY MOUNTAIN: Meditations on Mount Athos (2004)
Sean Dunleavy - battling a dozen or two of the Cardinal's Guard with Athos , Porthos, and Aramis as an entourage.
Delman, David Death of a Nymph
The prince, 52 -on a break in Greece -was visiting monks on Mount Athos , Halkidiki.
Sun, News of the World (2001)
This account was published in 1928, but life at Athos has changed little for more than 1,000 years.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)


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