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atonement  (əˈtəʊnmənt



  1. satisfaction, reparation, or expiation given for an injury or wrong
  2. (often capital) (Christian theology)
    1. the reconciliation of man with God through the life, sufferings, and sacrificial death of Christ
    2. the sufferings and death of Christ
  3. (Christian Science) the state in which the attributes of God are exemplified in man
  4. (obsolete) reconciliation or agreement

Word Origin

C16: from Middle English phrase at onement in harmony

Example Sentences Including 'atonement'

Perhaps this Church of the Mother of God - `the priest crossed himself `-served in part as an act of atonement.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
I mean to destroy the Phaeton, and in this act of atonement to hasten the removal of the anti-ice curse from Earth.
Baxter, Stephen Anti-Ice
On another day, I might have been lucky even to be shown his body, and that only in atonement.
various & introduction by Deirdre Chapman A Roomful of Birds - Scottish short stories 1990


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