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 (əˈtrɪbjuːt Pronunciation for
  1. (transitive) usually foll by to to regard as belonging (to), produced (by), or resulting (from); ascribe (to)   ⇒ to attribute a painting to Picasso


 (ˈætrɪˌbjuːt Pronunciation for
  1. a property, quality, or feature belonging to or representative of a person or thing
  2. an object accepted as belonging to a particular office or position
  3. (grammar)
    1. an adjective or adjectival phrase
    2. an attributive adjective
  4. (logic) the property, quality, or feature that is affirmed or denied concerning the subject of a proposition

Derived Forms

atˈtributable adjective
atˈtributer, atˈtributor noun
attribution (ˌætrɪˈbjuːʃən Pronunciation for attribution  noun

Word Origin

C15: from Latin attribuere to associate with, from tribuere to give

Translations for 'attribute'

  • British English: attribute If you attribute something to an event or situation, you think that it was caused by that event or situation. VERBTheir lack of achievement was attributed to bad management.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: atribuir
  • Chinese: 把…归因于把…归歸因于於
  • European Spanish: atribuir
  • French: attribuer
  • German: zuschreiben
  • Italian: attribuire
  • Japanese: ~に帰すると考える
  • Korean: ~에 원인을 돌리다
  • Portuguese: atribuir
  • Spanish: atribuir
  • British English: attribute An attribute is a quality or feature that someone or something has. NOUNCruelty is a normal attribute of human behaviour.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: atributo
  • Chinese: 特质特质<TRAD>質</TRAD>歸因于於
  • European Spanish: atributo
  • French: attribut
  • German: Eigenschaft
  • Italian: caratteristica
  • Japanese: 特性
  • Korean: 자질
  • Portuguese: atributo
  • Spanish: atributo

Example Sentences Including 'attribute'

Making a fresh resolution to eat properly I was tempted to attribute a large part of my recent debility to inadequate nutrition.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths
You'll attribute it to an onslaught of rationality, and perhaps you're right.
Delman, David Death of a Nymph
`And you attribute too much power to yourself, and too little to the sweep of events.
Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: Book Two of the Tawny Man (2002)


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