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awkward (ˈɔːkwəd Pronunciation for awkward



  1. lacking dexterity, proficiency, or skill; clumsy; inept   ⇒ the new recruits were awkward in their exercises
  2. ungainly or inelegant in movements or posture   ⇒ despite a great deal of practice she remained an awkward dancer
  3. unwieldy; difficult to use   ⇒ an awkward implement
  4. embarrassing   ⇒ an awkward moment
  5. embarrassed   ⇒ he felt awkward about leaving
  6. difficult to deal with; requiring tact   ⇒ an awkward situation, an awkward customer
  7. deliberately uncooperative or unhelpful   ⇒ he could help but he is being awkward
  8. dangerous or difficult   ⇒ an awkward ascent of the ridge
  9. (obsolete) perverse

Derived Forms

ˈawkwardly adverb
ˈawkwardness noun

Word Origin

C14 awk, from Old Norse öfugr turned the wrong way round + -ward

Translations for 'awkward'

  • British English: awkwardPronunciation for awkward An awkward situation is embarrassing and difficult to deal with.It was a bit awkward for me.ˈɔːkwəd ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مُحْرِجPronunciation for مُحْرِج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: desajeitadoPronunciation for desajeitado desajeitada
  • Chinese: 笨拙的Pronunciation for 笨拙的
  • Croatian: neugodanPronunciation for neugodan
  • Czech: trapnýPronunciation for trapný
  • Danish: akavetPronunciation for akavet
  • Dutch: lastigPronunciation for lastig
  • European Spanish: incómodoPronunciation for incómodo incómodaembarazoso
  • Finnish: kömpelöPronunciation for kömpelö
  • French: gauchePronunciation for gauchemaladroit
  • German: ungünstigPronunciation for ungünstig
  • Greek: αδέξιοςPronunciation for αδέξιος αδέξια
  • Italian: imbarazzantePronunciation for imbarazzante
  • Japanese: 不器用なPronunciation for 不器用な
  • Korean: 서투른Pronunciation for 서투른
  • Norwegian: keitetPronunciation for keitet
  • Polish: dziwnyPronunciation for dziwny dziwna
  • Portuguese: embaraçosoPronunciation for embaraçoso embaraçosa
  • Romanian: incomod incomodă, incomozi, incomode
  • Russian: затруднительныйPronunciation for затруднительный
  • Spanish: incómodoPronunciation for incómodo incómodaembarazoso
  • Swedish: generadPronunciation for generad generat
  • Thai: งุ่มง่ามPronunciation for งุ่มง่าม
  • Turkish: aksi, beceriksiz, ters, sıkıntılıPronunciation for aksi, beceriksiz, ters, sıkıntılı
  • Ukrainian: незручний
  • Vietnamese: ngượng ngịuPronunciation for ngượng ngịu

Example Sentences Including 'awkward'

Now a number of things have happened which have made the agent's life awkward.
They said their farewells on the doorstep, stepping into an awkward hug, his lips brushing the soft skin under her ear.
Chavasse suddenly felt awkward under the keen scrutiny of that single eye.
Jack Higgins THE KEYS OF HELL (2002)


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