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azo (ˈeɪzəʊ Pronunciation for azo ; ˈæ-) 



  1. of, consisting of, or containing the divalent group -N:N-   ⇒ an azo group or radical
    See also diazo

Word Origin

independent use of azo-

azo- or (before a vowel) az-


combining form

  1. indicating the presence of an azo group   ⇒ azobenzene

Word Origin

from French azote nitrogen, from Greek azōos lifeless, from a-1 + zōē life

Example Sentences Including 'azo'

Source Synthetic `coal tar" dye and azo dye (see glossary).
Hanssen, Maurice & Marsden, Jill E For Additives
While the Indian government first banned the use of benzidine in 1995, it has now banned 116 azo dyes.
Business Today (1996)


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