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badminton (ˈbædmɪntən Pronunciation for badminton



  1. a game played with rackets and a shuttlecock, which is hit back and forth across a high net
  2. Also called: badminton cup. a long refreshing drink of claret with soda water and sugar

Word Origin

C19: named after Badminton House, where the game was first played

Badminton (ˈbædmɪntən Pronunciation for Badminton



  1. a village in SW England, in South Gloucestershire unitary authority, Gloucestershire: site of Badminton House, seat of the Duke of Beaufort; annual horse trials

Translations for 'badminton'

  • British English: badmintonPronunciation for badminton Badminton is a game played on a rectangular court by two or four players. They hit a feathered object called a shuttlecock across a high net.ˈbædmɪntən NOUN
  • Arabic: بادمنتونPronunciation for بادمنتون
  • Brazilian Portuguese: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Chinese: 羽毛球Pronunciation for 羽毛球
  • Croatian: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Czech: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Danish: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Dutch: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • European Spanish: bádmintonPronunciation for bádminton
  • Finnish: sulkapalloPronunciation for sulkapallo
  • French: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • German: BadmintonPronunciation for Badminton
  • Greek: μπάντμιντονPronunciation for μπάντμιντον
  • Italian: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Japanese: バドミントンPronunciation for バドミントン
  • Korean: 배드민턴Pronunciation for 배드민턴
  • Norwegian: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Polish: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Portuguese: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Romanian: badminton
  • Russian: бадминтонPronunciation for бадминтон
  • Spanish: bádmintonPronunciation for bádminton
  • Swedish: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Thai: แบดมินตันPronunciation for แบดมินตัน
  • Turkish: badmintonPronunciation for badminton
  • Ukrainian: бадмінтон
  • Vietnamese: cầu lôngPronunciation for cầu lông

Example Sentences Including 'badminton'

It was Mrs Kennerly, swinging along up the road with a badminton racket slung under her arm, wearing shorts.
Bringle, Mary Death of an Unknown Man
Later he figured in squash, badminton , table tennis and all manner of other sports before being posted to Canada for nine months.
Rollin, Jack Soccer at War
She would be perched on the high stool, twiddling her badminton racket against her bare thighs, waiting for him to appear.
Bringle, Mary Death of an Unknown Man
The two met at a badminton club in Winnipeg where Nayyer was a coach.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
We could get it before Saturday, and then... "Anastasia pictured the Senior Citizens playing badminton.
Lowry, Lois Anastasia Krupnik (3-in-1)
Well we have several medal chances in rowing and sailing and even badminton , but the Games haven't got off to the best start for us.
Megastar (2004)
and terribly out of shape, Chand could barely run one lap around the badminton court.
Ottawa Sun (2003)


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