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Definitions of ballocks

ballocks  (ˈbɒləks ; ˈbæl-) 


plural noun, exclamation, verb

  1. a variant spelling of bollocks

bollocks  (ˈbɒləks or ballocks or (US) bollix  (ˈbɒlɪks (slang)


plural noun

  1. another word for testicles See testicle
  2. nonsense; rubbish


  1. an exclamation of annoyance, disbelief, etc
  2. See the bollocks

verb (usually followed by up)

  1. to muddle or botch
Both its anatomical senses and its various extended senses nowadays have far less impact than they used to, and seem unlikely to cause offence, though some older or more conservative people may object. The fact that shops displaying the Sex Pistols' album containing this word were charged with offences defined in 19th-century Indecent Advertisement and Vagrancy Acts now seems hard to credit

Word Origin

Old English beallucas, diminutive (pl) of beallu (unattested); see ball1

Example Sentences Including 'ballocks'

To be safe, he needs... "He broke off, then said: `Oh, ballocks to it!
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven


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