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bandage (ˈbændɪdʒ Pronunciation for bandage



  1. a piece of material used to dress a wound, bind a broken limb, etc
  2. a strip of any soft material used for binding, etc


  1. to cover or bind with a bandage

Word Origin

C16: from French, from band strip, band2


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= dressing, plaster, sling, compress, gauze, lint, tourniquet
= dress, cover, bind, wrap, swathe, strap up, put a bandage on

Translations for 'bandage'

  • British English: bandagePronunciation for bandage A bandage is a long strip of cloth that is tied around a wounded part of someone's body in order to protect or support it.We put a bandage on his knee.ˈbændɪdʒ NOUN
  • Arabic: ضِمَادةPronunciation for ضِمَادة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bandagemPronunciation for bandagem
  • Chinese: 绷带Pronunciation for 绷带
  • Croatian: zavojPronunciation for zavoj
  • Czech: obvazPronunciation for obvaz
  • Danish: bandagePronunciation for bandage
  • Dutch: verbandPronunciation for verbandbandage
  • European Spanish: vendajePronunciation for vendaje
  • Finnish: sidePronunciation for sidehaava
  • French: bandagePronunciation for bandage
  • German: VerbandPronunciation for Verband VerbändeVerletzung
  • Greek: επίδεσμοςPronunciation for επίδεσμος
  • Italian: fasciaturaPronunciation for fasciatura
  • Japanese: 包帯Pronunciation for 包帯
  • Korean: 붕대Pronunciation for 붕대
  • Norwegian: bandasjePronunciation for bandasje
  • Polish: bandażPronunciation for bandaż
  • Portuguese: ligaduraPronunciation for ligadura
  • Romanian: bandaj bandaj, bandaje
  • Russian: бинтPronunciation for бинт
  • Spanish: vendajePronunciation for vendaje
  • Swedish: bandagePronunciation for bandage
  • Thai: ผ้าพันแผลPronunciation for ผ้าพันแผล
  • Turkish: sargıPronunciation for sargı
  • Ukrainian: бинт
  • Vietnamese: băng dán cứu thươngPronunciation for băng dán cứu thương
  • British English: bandagePronunciation for bandage If you bandage a wound or part of someone's body, you tie a bandage round it....a man with a bandaged head.ˈbændɪdʒ VERB
  • Arabic: يُضَمِّدُPronunciation for يُضَمِّدُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: enfaixarPronunciation for enfaixar
  • Chinese: 打绷带Pronunciation for 打绷带
  • Croatian: povitiPronunciation for poviti
  • Czech: obvázatPronunciation for obvázat obvazovat
  • Danish: forbindePronunciation for forbinde
  • Dutch: verbindenPronunciation for verbindenvan een wond
  • European Spanish: vendarPronunciation for vendar
  • Finnish: sitoaPronunciation for sitoa
  • French: banderPronunciation for bander
  • German: verbindenPronunciation for verbindenVerletzung
  • Greek: επιδένωPronunciation for επιδένω
  • Italian: fasciarePronunciation for fasciare
  • Japanese: 包帯をするPronunciation for 包帯をする
  • Korean: 붕대를 감다Pronunciation for 붕대를 감다
  • Norwegian: forbindePronunciation for forbinde
  • Polish: zabandażowaćPronunciation for zabandażować bandażować
  • Portuguese: ligarPronunciation for ligar
  • Romanian: a bandaja
  • Russian: накладывать повязкуPronunciation for накладывать повязку
  • Spanish: vendarPronunciation for vendar
  • Swedish: förbindaPronunciation for förbinda
  • Thai: พันแผลPronunciation for พันแผล
  • Turkish: sarmakPronunciation for sarmak
  • Ukrainian: бинтувати забинтувати
  • Vietnamese: băng bóPronunciation for băng bó

Example Sentences Including 'bandage'

A dirty white bandage had been wrapped tightly across the eyes.
O'Connor, Joe Desperadoes
Another student was found hiding chits in a bandage on his leg.
Samachar (2005)
Berlusconi emerged at 6.30pm with his forehead covered in a white linen bandage.
The Australian (2004)
He took his fingers away from the heavy bandage , grubby from the previous day.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
I'm goin' give you a bandage -- an' you jus' put it over loose.
Smith, Mitchell Stone City
My eye will get all puffy, and to alleviate people's feelings of undue sympathy, I put a bandage on it.
NME (New Musical Express) (2002)
Next to him was a colleague with a bandage over a hole in his head.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
She stood up and looked round for cloth with which to bandage her hand.
James Runcie THE COLOUR OF HEAVEN (2003)


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