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Bangkok (ˈbæŋkɒk Pronunciation for Bangkok ; bæŋˈkɒk Pronunciation for Bangkok



  1. the capital and chief port of Thailand, on the Chao Phraya River: became a royal city and the capital in 1782. Pop: 6 604 000 (2005 est) Thai name: Krung Thep,  (ˈkrʊŋ ˈteɪp Pronunciation for

Example Sentences Including 'Bangkok'

And the game plan is all too familiar, reminiscent of the Memon family's undercover flight to Bangkok after the 1993 blasts.
India Today (2001)
He was exuberant, elated, like we were on R. and R. together in Bangkok.
Wood, Ted Snowjob
I sometimes wonder where he is when he says he's in Bangkok.
Hilton, John Buxton The Innocents at Home (A Superintendent Kenworthy novel)
In Bangkok , police have detained a German internet tycoon who allegedly planned to commit suicide in the Thai capital.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
Kate, from Bangkok , was helped by the Start a Business Programme, funded by Invest NI.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Malin had nothing to report from Bangkok , but wanted to follow up an interesting lead in Singapore.
Loraine, Philip Last Shot
Progress eventually moved on, mostly to other parts of Bangkok , but Yaowarat remained a slice of Asian life from another era.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The description commented that `the original civil version... flew non-stop from Tokyo to Bangkok , 2,000 miles, in 1936".
Gunston, Bill Plane Speaking - a personal view of aviation history
Visitors should plan to arrive at the temple by 6 a. m. and could be back in Bangkok after the ceremony by noon.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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