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banshee  (ˈbænʃiː ; bænˈʃiː



  1. (in Irish folklore) a female spirit whose wailing warns of impending death

Word Origin

C18: from Irish Gaelic bean sídhe, literally: woman of the fairy mound

Example Sentences Including 'banshee'

The wind was howling between the trees, the sound sometimes rising to a banshee wail, sometimes falling to a moan.
Erskine, Barbara Midnight is a Lonely Place
Flinging herself on the sofa, wailing like a banshee ,' Maggie laughed.
Sue Welfare FALLEN WOMEN (2002)
Right as we got to the top near the exit door, Maggie let loose a banshee yell and fell backwards down the stairs.
Shell, Ray Iced


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