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barely (ˈbɛəlɪ Pronunciation for barely



  1. only just; scarcely   ⇒ barely enough for their needs
  2. (informal) not quite; nearly   ⇒ barely old enough
  3. scantily; poorly   ⇒ barely furnished
  4. (archaic) openly
Since barely, hardly, and scarcely already have negative force, it is redundant to use another negative in the same clause: he had barely had (not he hadn't barely had) time to think; there was scarcely any (not scarcely no) bread left


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= only just, just, hardly, scarcely, at a push, almost not,

Translations for 'barely'

  • British English: barelyPronunciation for barely You use barely to say that something is only just true or possible.She could barely remember going to the hospital.ˈbɛəlɪ ADVERB
  • Arabic: لا يُكَادُPronunciation for لا يُكَادُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: malPronunciation for mal
  • Chinese: 几乎不能Pronunciation for 几乎不能
  • Croatian: jedvaPronunciation for jedva
  • Czech: sotvaPronunciation for sotva
  • Danish: knapPronunciation for knapdårligt nok
  • Dutch: nauwelijksPronunciation for nauwelijks
  • European Spanish: apenasPronunciation for apenas
  • Finnish: hädin tuskinPronunciation for hädin tuskin
  • French: à peinePronunciation for à peine
  • German: kaumPronunciation for kaum
  • Greek: μόλιςPronunciation for μόλις
  • Italian: appenaPronunciation for appena
  • Japanese: かろうじてPronunciation for かろうじて
  • Korean: 간신히Pronunciation for 간신히
  • Norwegian: såvidtPronunciation for såvidt
  • Polish: zaledwiePronunciation for zaledwie
  • Portuguese: malPronunciation for mal
  • Romanian: abia
  • Russian: едваPronunciation for едва
  • Spanish: apenasPronunciation for apenas
  • Swedish: knapptPronunciation for knappt
  • Thai: เกือบไม่พอPronunciation for เกือบไม่พอ
  • Turkish: ucu ucunaPronunciation for ucu ucuna
  • Ukrainian: ледь
  • Vietnamese: chỉ vừa đủPronunciation for chỉ vừa đủ

Example Sentences Including 'barely'

Every June, Denmark's four-day rock jamboree tickles the pleasure zones that other outdoor rock events can barely even spell.
NME (New Musical Express) (2002)
Fans would have had to watch the action on a screen barely bigger than a business card.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
I've spent the last month in Bain, and have barely been troubled.
Lirael closed her eyes against the glare, and she felt herself slip towards the edge of dream, her conscious mind barely awake.
Not a little alarmed, I had a close look at the barely touched plates.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
She was becoming more and more alien to me, almost as if she were someone I barely knew at all.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
The man had been hanged from the branch of a small olive tree that could barely hold his weight.
Tracy Chevalier THE VIRGIN BLUE (2002)
There is barely any competition in the local telephone market in Canada, the commission said in a recent report.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Yet the West, which fought to liberate them and is still fixated by the war against the Taliban, has barely noticed.
Irish Times (2002)


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