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barre (French) (bar) 



  1. a rail at hip height used for ballet practice and leg exercises

Word Origin

literally: bar

barré (ˈbæreɪ Pronunciation for barré



  1. the act of laying the index finger over some or all of the strings of a guitar, lute, or similar instrument, so that the pitch of each stopped string is simultaneously raised Compare capo1
  2. the playing of chords in this manner


  1. to execute (chords) in this manner


  1. by using the barré

Word Origin

C19: from French, from barrer bar1

Example Sentences Including 'barre'

' As for the future, he'll carry on hanging onto the barre , moving his own arthritic legs while slowly dancing for his cats.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Like the way he always positions me at the barre behind somebody who knows what they are doing.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
Stand at an incline to a wall or barre resting your weight on your hands opposite your shoulders as in the illustration.
Lycholat, Tony Shape Your Body, Shape Your Life
`Imagine trying to do that with a little filet de barre inside you.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)


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