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bathos (ˈbeɪθɒs Pronunciation for bathos



  1. a sudden ludicrous descent from exalted to ordinary matters or style in speech or writing
  2. insincere or excessive pathos
  3. triteness; flatness
  4. the lowest point; nadir

Word Origin

C18: from Greek: depth, from bathus deep


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= anticlimax, disappointment, sentimentality, letdown, comedown, mawkishness, false pathos

Example Sentences Including 'bathos'

All had ended well but it had been seven days of drama, of pathos -- and bathos.
India Today (1998)
Director Hickenlooper's approach to the banality and bathos of Bingenheimer's world is alternately tender and cruel.
Globe and Mail (2003)
His vandalism of her self-esteem worked well, but his attempt to beat up on Graham backfires into bathos.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Perhaps there is bathos in the conjunction, but there was consolation in both.
O'Brian, Patrick Testimonies
The sheer bathos of their behaviour was so absurd that I began to laugh but of course this made them more nervous than ever.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths
Thoroughly unseemly," and those adjectives, so well-worn by an earlier generation of clergymen, added an air of bathos to.
Howatch, Susan Ultimate Prizes
Through a combination of graphic violence and comic bathos , McDonagh pushes his satire to cartoonish extremes.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Vicky absolutely refused, on the grounds that we couldn't afford bathos in our only straightforward heterosexual scene.
Victoria Coren, Charlie Skelton ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING: How we tried to make the greatest porn film ever (2002)


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