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beatified (bɪˈætɪˌfaɪd) 


past participle of verb, past tense of verb

  1. of beatify

beatify (bɪˈætɪˌfaɪ Pronunciation for beatify



-fies, -fying, -fied
  1. (transitive) (Roman Catholic Church) (of the pope) to declare formally that (a deceased person) showed a heroic degree of holiness in his or her life and therefore is worthy of public veneration: the first step towards canonization
  2. (transitive) to make extremely happy

Derived Forms

beatification (bɪˌætɪfɪˈkeɪʃən Pronunciation for beatification  noun

Word Origin

C16: from Old French beatifier, from Late Latin beātificāre to make blessed; see beatific

Example Sentences Including 'beatified'

Although not canonised, she has been beatified , and is frequently referred to as St Hildegard.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Another, Porto's Vitor Baia, would read his morning papers and assume he'd been beatified.
Times, Sunday Times (2005)
In 1934 these three men became the first American martyrs to be beatified.
In 1961, he was beatified , but the Vatican decided it wasn't his tongue that pulsed, but a chunk of rotten brain.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
The Vatican must confirm a second miracle, attributed to the intercession of the newly beatified , for any of the six to be canonized.
canada.com (2004)


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