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Definitions of begotten

begotten  (bɪˈɡɒtən



  1. a past participle of beget

beget  (bɪˈɡɛt



-gets -getting -got -gat -gotten -got (transitive)
  1. to father
  2. to cause or create

Derived Forms

beˈgetter  noun

Word Origin

Old English begietan; related to Old Saxon bigetan, Old High German pigezzan, Gothic bigitan to find; see be-, get


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= cause, bring, produce, create, effect, lead to, occasion, result in, generate, provoke, induce, bring about, give rise to, precipitate, incite, engender

Example Sentences Including 'begotten'

It is my good fortune to have begotten two that gladly follow my lead and contribute as much as they can to my work.
Heller, Keith Man's Loving Family


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