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behold  (bɪˈhəʊld



-holds -holding -held (often used in the imperative to draw attention to something, archaic ( or literary)
  1. to look (at); observe

Derived Forms

beˈholder  noun

Word Origin

Old English bihealdan; related to Old High German bihaltan, Dutch behouden; see be-, hold


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= look at, see, view, eye, consider, study, watch, check, regard, survey, witness, clock (British) (slang), examine, observe, perceive, gaze, scan, contemplate, check out (informal), inspect, discern, eyeball (slang), scrutinize, recce (slang), get a load of (informal), take a gander at (informal), take a dekko at (British) (slang), feast your eyes upon

Translations for 'behold'

  • British English: behold If you behold someone or something, you see them. VERBShe looked into his eyes and beheld madness.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: contemplar
  • Chinese: 看见看见見
  • European Spanish: contemplar
  • French: voir
  • German: erblicken
  • Italian: vedere
  • Japanese: 見る
  • Korean: 보다
  • Portuguese: contemplar
  • Spanish: contemplar

Example Sentences Including 'behold'

For many long years I had pondered what I might do, should the Great Ring come into my hands, and behold !
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
The winter camps of the sheepherders were a sight to behold , he said.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
Oh ho, the glavering, the glavering - try to behold yourself without glavering.
Zindell, David The Broken God


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