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behold (bɪˈhəʊld Pronunciation for behold



-holds, -holding, -held (often used in the imperative to draw attention to something, archaic (or literary)
  1. to look (at); observe

Derived Forms

beˈholder noun

Word Origin

Old English bihealdan; related to Old High German bihaltan, Dutch behouden; see be-, hold


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= look at, see, view, eye, consider, study, watch, check, regard, survey, witness, clock, examine, observe, perceive, gaze, scan, contemplate, check out, inspect, discern, eyeball, scrutinize, recce, get a load of, take a gander at, take a dekko at, feast your eyes upon

Translations for 'behold'

  • British English: behold If you behold someone or something, you see them. VERBShe looked into his eyes and beheld madness.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: contemplar
  • Chinese: 看见看见見
  • European Spanish: contemplar
  • French: voir
  • German: erblicken
  • Italian: vedere
  • Japanese: 見る
  • Korean: 보다
  • Portuguese: contemplar
  • Spanish: contemplar

Example Sentences Including 'behold'

For many long years I had pondered what I might do, should the Great Ring come into my hands, and behold !
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
The winter camps of the sheepherders were a sight to behold , he said.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
Oh ho, the glavering, the glavering - try to behold yourself without glavering.
Zindell, David The Broken God


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