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bellyful  (ˈbɛlɪˌfʊl



  1. as much as one wants or can eat
  2. (slang) more than one can tolerate


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= surfeit, enough, too much, plenty, excess, glut, plateful, satiety, superabundance

Example Sentences Including 'bellyful'

As he stepped into the cold street he brought up a bellyful of gas.
Moore, Margaret Forests of the Night
She was a Siamese, born to be sleekly elegant, and here she was, weighed down by this swollen bellyful of kittens.
Fay Weldon NOTHING TO WEAR AND NOWHERE TO HIDE: A Collection of Short Stories
`I had a bellyful of the American public school system, Doctor.
Trenhalle, John A Means to Evil


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