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black and white  (blæk ənd waɪt)  or black-and-white



  1. (of an image) not in colour   ⇒ a black-and-white photo of the two of us together,   ⇒ old black and white film footage
  2. only transmitting images in black and white   ⇒ They watched the ceremony on a flickering black-and-white television set.
  3. in which it is possible to draw clear boundaries or make absolute judgements   ⇒ But this isn't a simple black and white affair, Marianne.
The abbreviation for black and white is B & W or B/W


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= monochrome, grey-scale

Translations for 'black and white'

  • British English: black and whiteblack-and-white In a black and white photograph or film, everything is shown in black, white, and grey. ADJECTIVE...a black and white photo of the two of us together.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: em preto e branco
  • Chinese: 黑白图像的黑白图圖像的
  • European Spanish: en blanco y negro
  • French: en noir et blanc
  • German: Schwarz-Weiß-
  • Italian: in bianco e nero
  • Japanese: 白黒の
  • Korean: 흑백의
  • Portuguese: a preto e branco
  • Spanish: en blanco y negro

Example Sentences Including 'black and white'

But the image of the falling man seemed to pulsate, flashing black and white on her retina.
Kippax, Frank The Scar
The room was dim, and the black and white images of the film sent dancing shadows across the walls.
Lewis, Roy A Trout in the Milk
Another slug and the Bell's was ringing in my head and Heike was clear, sharp, black and white and laughing.


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