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blamed (bleɪmd Pronunciation for blamed


adjective, adverb

  1. (mainly US) a euphemistic word for damned (sense 2), damned (sense 3)

blame (bleɪm Pronunciation for blame



  1. responsibility for something that is wrong or deserving censure; culpability
  2. an expression of condemnation; reproof
  3. See be to blame

verb (transitive)

  1. (usually followed by for) to attribute responsibility to; accuse   ⇒ I blame him for the failure
  2. (usually followed by on) to ascribe responsibility for (something) to   ⇒ I blame the failure on him
  3. to find fault with

Derived Forms

ˈblamable, ˈblameable adjective
ˈblamably, ˈblameably adverb

Word Origin

C12: from Old French blasmer, ultimately from Late Latin blasphēmāre to blaspheme


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= hold responsible, accuse, denounce, indict, impeach, incriminate, impute, recriminate, point a or the finger at,
= attribute to, credit to, assign to, put down to, ascribe to, impute to
= criticize, charge, tax, blast, condemn, flame, put down, disapprove of, censure, reproach, chide, admonish, tear into, diss, find fault with, reprove, upbraid, lambast(e), reprehend, express disapprobation of,

Example Sentences Including 'blamed'

She blamed him, in the absence of others, for her predicament; hated being there, hated his insistence.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
Whenever there was poaching on the estate, or there had been an outbreak of theft, Kyle blamed Nick's dad.
Stuart Harrison LOST SUMMER (2002)
You were always the poor fellow who was blamed for the mischief we kids did.
Arthur, Robert Three in One


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