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blue-green algae


plural noun

  1. the former name for cyanobacteria

Example Sentences Including 'blue-green algae'

Environment Minister Marian Hobbs has already stepped in to try to stop the spread of toxic blue-green algae at Lake Taupo.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
In blue-green algae , the DNA coding for an enzyme called DNA polymerase comes in two pieces, located in different parts of the genome.
New Scientist (1999)
Lesser flamingos eat almost exclusively blue-green algae , or spirulina, while the other birds vary their diet.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
NEARLY three weeks have passed since the closure of Torrens Lake, and recovery from its bout of blue-green algae is still in doubt.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
Spirulina, a blue-green algae available in supplement form is particularly rich.
Holford, Patrick The Family Nutrition Workbook


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