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Blue Mountains


plural noun

  1. a mountain range in the US, in NE Oregon and SE Washington. Highest peak: Rock Creek Butte, 2773 m (9097 ft)
  2. a mountain range in the Caribbean, in E Jamaica: Blue Mountain coffee is grown on its slopes. Highest peak: Blue Mountain Peak, 2256 m (7402 ft)
  3. a plateau in SE Australia, in E New South Wales: part of the Great Dividing Range. Highest part: about 1134 m (3871 ft)

Example Sentences Including 'Blue Mountains'

A 10-day strategy began in Penrith, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains yesterday to combat alcohol-related offences.
Australian News Misc (2004)
Blue Mountains : Day two of three-day Corporate Social Responsibility Summit.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2005)
Even from high above it, the line of the Great Escarpment running through the Blue Mountains makes a gigantic step in the surface.
Richard Fortey THE EARTH: An Intimate History (2004)
It was in his time that they found a way across the Blue Mountains.
Holt, Victoria The Black Opal
Kingston is a lively capital with elegant, old colonial houses set against the stunning backdrop of the Blue Mountains.
British Medical Journal (2002)


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