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blue-blooded (ˌbluːˈblʌdɪd) 



  1. having royal or aristocratic descent   ⇒ blue-blooded families

blue blood



  1. royal or aristocratic descent

Derived Forms

ˈblue-ˈblooded adjective

Word Origin

C19: translation of Spanish sangre azul

Example Sentences Including 'blue-blooded'

Born in 1838, Adams was two generations older than the Porters, but of similar, if even more blue-blooded , New England stock.
Pamela Petro THE SLOW BREATH OF STONE: A Romanesque Love Story (2005)
Built in 1919 for a royal visit by Edward VIII, it can be chartered by less blue-blooded mortals.
The Australian (2004)
Instead, it was supposed to be Frankel's blue-blooded star, Empire Maker.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
selection wine wealthy There are some wines so blue-blooded and exclusive that they can only be won at the auctions.
Business Today (2002)


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