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blueprint  (ˈbluːˌprɪnt



  1. Also called: cyanotype a photographic print of plans, technical drawings, etc, consisting of white lines on a blue background
  2. an original plan or prototype that influences subsequent design or practice   ⇒ the Montessori method was the blueprint for education in the 1940s


  1. (transitive) to make a blueprint of (a plan)

Translations for 'blueprint'

  • British English: blueprint A blueprint for something is a plan or set of proposals that shows how it is expected to work. NOUNThe president will offer delegates his blueprint for the country's future.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: anteprojeto
  • Chinese: 蓝图蓝藍图圖
  • European Spanish: proyecto
  • French: projet
  • German: Vorlage
  • Italian: progetto
  • Japanese: 青写真
  • Korean: 청사진
  • Portuguese: anteprojeto
  • Spanish: proyecto

Example Sentences Including 'blueprint'

And certainly, whatever force had drawn up the blueprint for Frelis Lorimer had done so with a very hard edge.
Meek, M R D A Worm of Doubt
He wanted to know how it was an escape plan, rather than the blueprint for a riot, and nodded over Rogers ' explanations.
Kippax, Frank The Scar
`Not a notebook but a text, a blueprint , a sort of literary genetic code.
Alan Judd THE DEVIL'S OWN WORK (2002)


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