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blueprint (ˈbluːˌprɪnt Pronunciation for blueprint



  1. Also called: cyanotype. a photographic print of plans, technical drawings, etc, consisting of white lines on a blue background
  2. an original plan or prototype that influences subsequent design or practice   ⇒ the Montessori method was the blueprint for education in the 1940s


  1. (transitive) to make a blueprint of (a plan)

Translations for 'blueprint'

  • British English: blueprint A blueprint for something is a plan or set of proposals that shows how it is expected to work. NOUNThe president will offer delegates his blueprint for the country's future.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: anteprojeto
  • Chinese: 蓝图蓝藍图圖
  • European Spanish: proyecto
  • French: projet
  • German: Vorlage
  • Italian: progetto
  • Japanese: 青写真
  • Korean: 청사진
  • Portuguese: anteprojeto
  • Spanish: proyecto

Example Sentences Including 'blueprint'

And certainly, whatever force had drawn up the blueprint for Frelis Lorimer had done so with a very hard edge.
Meek, M R D A Worm of Doubt
At Wannsee in January 1942 Nazi leaders met to agree the blueprint of Hitler's solution to the Jewish question.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
He wanted to know how it was an escape plan, rather than the blueprint for a riot, and nodded over Rogers ' explanations.
Kippax, Frank The Scar
New blueprint will bring'no men' away from sidelines The wraps finally came off DUP thinking today.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Ottawa set to announce new national security policy OTTAWA - The federal government is set to unveil its blueprint for national security.
CBC (2004)
That was a most extensive blueprint for the development of a decent health service for all.
Irish Times (2002)
That, he says, can become the blueprint for action to save these great cats.
India Today (1997)
The saga's account of its laws reads like a blueprint for heroic brotherhoods down the ages:
Ben Nimmo IN FORKBEARD'S WAKE: Coasting Round Scandinavia (2003)
`Not a notebook but a text, a blueprint , a sort of literary genetic code.
Alan Judd THE DEVIL'S OWN WORK (2002)


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