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blur (blɜː Pronunciation for blur



Word forms:  blurs,  blurring,  blurred
  1. to make or become vague or less distinct   ⇒ heat haze blurs the hills, education blurs class distinctions
  2. to smear or smudge
  3. (transitive) to make (the judgment, memory, or perception) less clear; dim


  1. something vague, hazy, or indistinct
  2. a smear or smudge

Derived Forms

ˈblurred adjective
blurredly (ˈblɜːrɪdlɪ Pronunciation for blurredly ; ˈblɜːd-)  adverb
ˈblurredness noun
ˈblurriness noun
ˈblurry adjective

Word Origin

C16: perhaps variant of blear


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= haze, confusion, fog, obscurity, dimness, cloudiness, blear, blurredness, indistinctness
= become indistinct, soften, become vague, become hazy, become fuzzy
= obscure, make indistinct, mask, soften, muddy, obfuscate, make vague, befog, make hazy

Translations for 'blur'

  • British English: blur A blur is a shape or area which you cannot see clearly. NOUNOut of the corner of my eye I saw a blur of movement.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: borrão
  • Chinese: 模糊不清
  • European Spanish: aspecto borroso
  • French: masse indistincte
  • German: verschwommener Fleck
  • Italian: forma indistinta
  • Japanese: 不鮮明
  • Korean: 흐릿하게 보이는 것
  • Portuguese: borrão
  • Spanish: aspecto borroso

Example Sentences Including 'blur'

For Stephen, the days that followed passed in a timeless blur.
Stewart, Michael Compulsion
In Lisbon the boundaries between the real and surreal tend to blur.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
On either side the forest rushed past in a dark green blur.
Forbes, Colin Cover Story
The familiar scenes of London sped past in a blur , looking strangely distorted seen from the back seat of a police car.
Babson, Marian Death in Fashion
The good news is that all it needs is a little care to prevent the blur from blotting your vision.
Business Today (1996)
The lines between "supporting the troops," self-censorship and outright suppression of dissent continue to blur.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The memory obtained of the image with the strong eye will help the weak eye decipher the blur.
Kando, Juliette The Natural Face Book
We supposedly have a division between church and state, but the courts blur the distinction.
Toronto Sun (2003)


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