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boaster (ˈbəʊstə) 



  1. person who boasts; braggart

boast1 (bəʊst Pronunciation for boast1



  1. (intransitive; sometimes followed by of or about) to speak in exaggerated or excessively proud terms of one's possessions, skills, or superior qualities; brag
  2. (transitive) to possess (something to be proud of)   ⇒ the city boasts a fine cathedral


  1. a bragging statement
  2. a possession, attribute, attainment, etc, that is or may be bragged about

Derived Forms

ˈboaster noun
ˈboasting noun, adjective
ˈboastingly adverb

Word Origin

C13: of uncertain origin

Example Sentences Including 'boaster'

A clever, passionate, talented man if you believed in him, but a bookish boaster , lecher, snob, ham actor and so forth if you didn't.
Lorna Sage BAD BLOOD: A Memoir (2000)
George never stopped selling himself, an over-zealous boaster.
Lawson, Jonell Roses are for the Rich


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