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boilermaker (ˈbɔɪləˌmeɪkə Pronunciation for boilermaker



  1. a person who works with metal in heavy industry; plater or welder
  2. (British, slang) a beer drink consisting of half of draught mild and half of bottled brown ale
  3. (US, slang) a drink of whisky followed by a beer chaser

Example Sentences Including 'boilermaker'

"These are the sons of a hard-working Hervey Bay boilermaker whose own attitude has obviously rubbed off.
Misc (1998)
He completed his schooling at Sacred Heart College in Somerton Park before becoming an apprentice boilermaker.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
They took on mechanics from everywhere, including a Glasgow boilermaker called Richard Smith who founded Smith's Boiler Works in Moscow.
Malcolm, John Whistler in the Dark
What beer was consumed was used simply as a `chaser" to the whisky in precisely the same way as a ` boilermaker " in New York.
Smout, T.C. & Wood, Sydney Scottish Voices 1745-1960


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