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Definitions of bonny

bonny (ˈbɒnɪ



-nier or -niest
  1. (Scottish & and Northern England, dialect) beautiful or handsome   ⇒  ■ a bonny lass
  2. merry or lively   ⇒  ■ a bonny family
  3. good or fine   ⇒  ■ a bonny house
  4. (esp of babies) plump
  5. (Scottish & and Northern England, dialect) considerable; to be reckoned with   ⇒  ■ cost a bonny penny



  1. (informal) agreeably or well   ⇒  ■ to speak bonny

Derived Forms

ˈbonnily  adverb

Word Origin

C15: of uncertain origin; perhaps from Old French bon good, from Latin bonus

Bonny (ˈbɒnɪ



  1. See Bight of Bonny

Example Sentences Including 'bonny'

She was a bonny , bespectacled woman, Welsh, benign and a non-stop talker.
Hilton, John Buxton The Innocents at Home (A Superintendent Kenworthy novel)
Then they heard it: in the distance, a soaring song floating above the clamour: `Oh bonny Anne, I'm your man.
Fidelis Morgan THE RIVAL QUEENS: A Countess Ashby de la Zouche Mystery (2002)
Mebbe he can find time to do a bit of police work if some bugger doesn't want him to judge a bonny baby competition.
Anthony Masters CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD (2001)


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