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Boswell (ˈbɒzwəl Pronunciation for Boswell



  1. James. 1740–95, Scottish author and lawyer, noted particularly for his Life of Samuel Johnson (1791)

Derived Forms

Boswellian (bɒzˈwɛlɪən Pronunciation for Boswellian  adjective

Example Sentences Including 'Boswell'

Consider Boswell 's Life of Johnson, he suggests, or Thomas de Quincy, or any number of 19th-century essayists.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Erdman has been more or less a Boswell to Segal's Johnson, though a more unlikely Johnson would be difficult to find.
India Today (1997)
For William Witt, Palomo Grove's Boswell , the morning had seen his worst nightmare become reality.
GEOGRAPHICAL: Canada PERSONAL NAME: Dave Boswell ; Sandra Wear; Joyce Young; Bill Young; Mark Janoska; Bill Tatham
Globe and Mail (2003)
He saw the spine of a leather-bound copy of Boswell 's Life of Johnson.
Leasor, James Tank of Serpents
However, Boswell maintained his unblemished record, overcoming eighth-seeded Heath 15-11, 15-13, 15-10 in 59 minutes.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Margaret died in January 1789 while Boswell was away yet again in London trying to shape a legal or political or literary career.
Jim Leavesley, George Biro THE MEDICAL MYSTERIES E-OMNIBUS (2001)
WHERE is my cousin June Boswell, daughter of Sonny Boswell, or any family members of my aunt Nora Boswell ?
Sun, News of the World (2002)


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