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boxer shorts


plural noun

  1. men's underpants shaped like shorts but having a front opening Also called: boxers

Translations for 'boxer shorts'

  • British English: boxer shortsPronunciation for boxer shorts Boxer shorts are loose-fitting men's underpants that are shaped like the shorts worn by boxers.ˈbɒksə ʃɔːts NOUN
  • Arabic: سِرْوال داخِلِيّ Pronunciation for سِرْوال داخِلِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cueca samba-cançãoPronunciation for cueca samba-canção
  • Chinese: 平角裤Pronunciation for 平角裤
  • Croatian: boksericePronunciation for bokserice
  • Czech: boxerkyPronunciation for boxerkyspodní prádlo
  • Danish: boxershortsPronunciation for boxershorts
  • Dutch: boxershortPronunciation for boxershort
  • European Spanish: calzoncillosPronunciation for calzoncillos
  • Finnish: boxeritPronunciation for boxerit
  • French: caleçonPronunciation for caleçon
  • German: BoxershortsPronunciation for Boxershorts
  • Greek: μποξεράκιPronunciation for μποξεράκι
  • Italian: boxerPronunciation for boxer
  • Japanese: ボクサーショーツPronunciation for ボクサーショーツ
  • Korean: 사각팬티Pronunciation for 사각팬티
  • Norwegian: boksershortsPronunciation for boksershorts
  • Polish: bokserkiPronunciation for bokserki
  • Portuguese: boxersPronunciation for boxers
  • Romanian: șort șorturi
  • Russian: трусы-боксерыPronunciation for трусы-боксеры
  • Spanish: calzoncillosPronunciation for calzoncillos
  • Swedish: boxershortsPronunciation for boxershorts
  • Thai: กางเกงขาสั้นPronunciation for กางเกงขาสั้น
  • Turkish: bokser şortPronunciation for bokser şort
  • Ukrainian: сімейні труси
  • Vietnamese: quần soóc nam ống rộngPronunciation for quần soóc nam ống rộng


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