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boxer shorts


plural noun

  1. men's underpants shaped like shorts but having a front opening Also called: boxers

Translations for 'boxer shorts'

  • British English: boxer shortsPronunciation for boxer shorts Boxer shorts are loose-fitting men's underpants that are shaped like the shorts worn by boxers.ˈbɒksə ʃɔːts NOUN
  • Arabic: سِرْوال داخِلِيّ Pronunciation for سِرْوال داخِلِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cueca samba-cançãoPronunciation for cueca samba-canção
  • Chinese: 平角裤Pronunciation for 平角裤
  • Croatian: boksericePronunciation for bokserice
  • Czech: boxerkyPronunciation for boxerkyspodní prádlo
  • Danish: boxershortsPronunciation for boxershorts
  • Dutch: boxershortPronunciation for boxershort
  • European Spanish: calzoncillosPronunciation for calzoncillos
  • Finnish: boxeritPronunciation for boxerit
  • French: caleçonPronunciation for caleçon
  • German: BoxershortsPronunciation for Boxershorts
  • Greek: μποξεράκιPronunciation for μποξεράκι
  • Italian: boxerPronunciation for boxer
  • Japanese: ボクサーショーツPronunciation for ボクサーショーツ
  • Korean: 사각팬티Pronunciation for 사각팬티
  • Norwegian: boksershortsPronunciation for boksershorts
  • Polish: bokserkiPronunciation for bokserki
  • Portuguese: boxersPronunciation for boxers
  • Romanian: șort șorturi
  • Russian: трусы-боксерыPronunciation for трусы-боксеры
  • Spanish: calzoncillosPronunciation for calzoncillos
  • Swedish: boxershortsPronunciation for boxershorts
  • Thai: กางเกงขาสั้นPronunciation for กางเกงขาสั้น
  • Turkish: bokser şortPronunciation for bokser şort
  • Ukrainian: сімейні труси
  • Vietnamese: quần soóc nam ống rộngPronunciation for quần soóc nam ống rộng

Example Sentences Including 'boxer shorts'

It incorporates absorbent padding in a pair of paper boxer shorts , with a singlet rounding out a stylish line of paper underclothing.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Tadzio was carrying his brains in his boxer shorts right now, and somebody had to take care of business.
Taking off his tee shirt Patrick climbs naked apart from his Cross of St George boxer shorts into bed, beside Rebecca.
Taking pride of place, in a pile of Charlie's boxer shorts on top of the washing machine, nestles The Dildo Of Krun-Ra.
Victoria Coren, Charlie Skelton ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING: How we tried to make the greatest porn film ever (2002)
The $5,000 boxer shorts were World War II Navy-issue, with the sewn label," Jack Kennedy.
Toronto Sun (2003)
The Linux stall was one of the star attractions; its cult status reflected in brisk sales of Linux boxer shorts and other such trinklets.
Business Today (2000)
The man who hung there was naked except for his boxer shorts.
Duncan, Robert L The Serpent's Mark


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