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bridge-builder (ˈbrɪdʒˌbɪldə) 



  1. a person who attempts to connect or reconcile opposing parties   ⇒ Susan saw herself as a bridge-builder between the warring factions in her family.

Example Sentences Including 'bridge-builder'

"The image was an ancient one, and one of the Pope's titles, Pontifex, means precisely ` bridge-builder ".
Hebblethwaite, Peter Paul VI - The First Modern Pope
A self-described bridge-builder , he believes his plan is best for growing the party - reaching out to supporters of all political stripes.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
A: The town also claims Thomas Telford, the bridge-builder.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Among his colleagues, Danny was known as a fiddler, storyteller and a bridge-builder who formed connections wherever he went.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
He was a pre-eminent scientist, institution-builder, visionary, global citizen, bridge-builder , and a social reformer.
Business Today (1999)
His appointment after the messy ousting of Bill English as leader saw him heralded as a " bridge-builder ".
New Zealand Herald (2003)


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