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broker (ˈbrəʊkə Pronunciation for broker



  1. an agent who, acting on behalf of a principal, buys or sells goods, securities, etc, in return for a commission   ⇒ insurance broker
  2. (formerly) short for stockbroker
  3. a dealer in second-hand goods


  1. to act as a broker (in)

Word Origin

C14: from Anglo-French brocour broacher (of casks, hence, one who sells, agent), from Old Northern French broquier to tap a cask, from broque tap of a cask; see broach1


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= organize, run, plan, set up, arrange, construct, put together, get together, marshal, get going, coordinate

Translations for 'broker'

  • British English: brokerPronunciation for broker A broker is a person whose job is to buy and sell shares, foreign money, or goods for other people.ˈbrəʊkə NOUN
  • Arabic: سِمْسارPronunciation for سِمْسار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: corretor de valoresPronunciation for corretor de valores corretora de valores
  • Chinese: 经纪人Pronunciation for 经纪人
  • Croatian: mešetarPronunciation for mešetar
  • Czech: makléřPronunciation for makléř makléřka
  • Danish: mæglerPronunciation for mægler
  • Dutch: effectenmakelaarPronunciation for effectenmakelaar
  • European Spanish: agentePronunciation for agentebolsa
  • Finnish: välittäjäPronunciation for välittäjä
  • French: courtierPronunciation for courtier
  • German: MaklerPronunciation for Makler Maklerin
  • Greek: μεσίτηςPronunciation for μεσίτης μεσίτρια
  • Italian: mediatorePronunciation for mediatore
  • Japanese: ブローカーPronunciation for ブローカー
  • Korean: 중개인Pronunciation for 중개인
  • Norwegian: meglerPronunciation for megler
  • Polish: maklerPronunciation for makler
  • Portuguese: corretor de valoresPronunciation for corretor de valores corretora de valores
  • Romanian: broker brokeri
  • Russian: маклерPronunciation for маклер
  • Spanish: agentePronunciation for agenteCorredor de bolsa
  • Swedish: mäklarePronunciation for mäklare
  • Thai: นายหน้าPronunciation for นายหน้า
  • Turkish: komisyoncuPronunciation for komisyoncu
  • Ukrainian: брокер
  • Vietnamese: người môi giớiPronunciation for người môi giới
  • British English: broker If a country or government brokers an agreement, a ceasefire, or a round of talks, they try to negotiate or arrange it. VERBThey brokered a peace in the country at the end of March.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: negociar
  • Chinese: 斡旋
  • European Spanish: negociar
  • French: négocier
  • German: vermitteln
  • Italian: mediare
  • Japanese: 調停する
  • Korean: 중재하다
  • Portuguese: negociar
  • Spanish: negociar

Example Sentences Including 'broker'

"He should have had a woman plan this," muttered Susan Clark, a Brampton real estate broker.
Globe and Mail (2003)
' House broker UBS Warburg estimates profits of £120m next year.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
As a management broker , he had advised the directors and shareholders to divide the company into two.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
He said the man was a broker , it was his job to be anxious.
Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT (2002)
Most are managed by third-party firms that play the role of the objective broker.
Business Today (2000)
Mr Reynolds said discussions with a new broker were advanced and a new broker would be appointed this month.
Irish Times (2002)
So I called my broker and told him to get me out of East Asian emerging markets.
There was a fax waiting for me from Josh, my financial broker friend.
Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002)
You will normally save money by arranging your policy through an insurance broker.
Glasgow Herald (2001)


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