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brutal (ˈbruːtəl Pronunciation for brutal



  1. cruel; vicious; savage
  2. extremely honest or coarse in speech or manner
  3. harsh; severe; extreme   ⇒ brutal cold

Derived Forms

bruˈtality noun
ˈbrutally adverb

Translations for 'brutal'

  • British English: brutalPronunciation for brutal A brutal act or person is cruel and violent.This is a brutal and senseless war.ˈbruːtl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: وَحُشِيّPronunciation for وَحُشِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: brutalPronunciation for brutal
  • Chinese: 残忍的Pronunciation for 残忍的
  • Croatian: brutalanPronunciation for brutalan brutalna
  • Czech: brutálníPronunciation for brutální
  • Danish: brutalPronunciation for brutal
  • Dutch: bruutPronunciation for bruut
  • European Spanish: brutalPronunciation for brutalviolento
  • Finnish: raakaPronunciation for raakabrutaali
  • French: brutalPronunciation for brutal
  • German: brutalPronunciation for brutal
  • Greek: κτηνώδηςPronunciation for κτηνώδης
  • Italian: brutalePronunciation for brutale
  • Japanese: 残忍なPronunciation for 残忍な
  • Korean: 잔인한Pronunciation for 잔인한
  • Norwegian: brutalPronunciation for brutal
  • Polish: brutalnyPronunciation for brutalny brutalna
  • Portuguese: brutalPronunciation for brutal
  • Romanian: brutal brutal, brutală, brutali, brutale
  • Russian: жестокийPronunciation for жестокий жестокая
  • Spanish: brutalPronunciation for brutal
  • Swedish: brutalPronunciation for brutal brutalt
  • Thai: โหดร้ายPronunciation for โหดร้าย
  • Turkish: vahşiPronunciation for vahşi
  • Ukrainian: жорстокий
  • Vietnamese: tàn bạoPronunciation for tàn bạo

Example Sentences Including 'brutal'

A senior administration official described the conversation as "pretty brutal ".
Irish Times (2002)
Celine Dion, she's noticed, really gets the brutal adjectives flowing.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Krasic delivered a brutal kick to his shins that made him whimper in spite of himself.
New parents soon experience the brutal reality that babies ' sleep patterns are not at all like adults '.
Paul Martin COUNTING SHEEP: The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams (2002)
Over a boiling and brutal course, his opening rounds of 66 and 70 were startling in the circumstances.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Sudan was an obvious target, where an Islamic government was waging a brutal civil war.
The icing on this perfect cake was Krasic, a man who had cultivated a reputation for brutal ruthlessness with apparent glee.
The truth is that the way you cope is by being brutal about your time, about making calculations about your life,' she said.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
You're lucky they operate in the narrowest, most stiflingly brutal world imaginable.
Forbes, Bryan The Endless Game


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