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  1. having many buildings (esp in the phrase built-up area)
  2. denoting a beam, girder, or stanchion constructed of sections welded, riveted, or bolted together, etc
  3. increased by the addition of parts   ⇒ built-up heels

Example Sentences Including 'built-up'

She cried as though months of built-up anguish were all tumbling out at once.
Cecelia Ahern 2004 PS, I LOVE YOU (2004)
He could ill-afford a gun battle in some built-up area, especially on Christmas Eve when there would be plenty of people on the streets.
MacNeill, Alastair Code Breaker
The shoulders had the same built-up look she had seen on the riding jackets of the hunting women.
Pacter, Trudi Yellow Bird


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