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bumper1 (ˈbʌmpə Pronunciation for bumper1



  1. a horizontal metal bar attached to the front or rear end of a car, lorry, etc, to protect against damage from impact
  2. a person or machine that bumps
  3. (cricket) a ball bowled so that it bounces high on pitching; bouncer

bumper2 (ˈbʌmpə Pronunciation for bumper2



  1. a glass, tankard, etc, filled to the brim, esp as a toast
  2. an unusually large or fine example of something


  1. unusually large, fine, or abundant   ⇒ a bumper crop


  1. (transitive) to toast with a bumper
  2. (transitive) to fill to the brim
  3. (intransitive) to drink bumpers

Word Origin

C17 (in the sense: a brimming glass): probably from bump (obsolete vb) to bulge; see bump

bumper3 (ˈbʌmpə Pronunciation for bumper3



  1. (Australian, old-fashioned, informal) a cigarette end

Word Origin

C19: perhaps from a blend of butt1 and stump

Translations for 'bumper'

  • British English: bumperPronunciation for bumper Bumpers are bars at the front and back of a vehicle which protect it if it bumps into something.What stickers do you have on the bumper?ˈbʌmpə NOUN
  • Arabic: مِصَدّPronunciation for مِصَدّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pára-choquePronunciation for pára-choque
  • Chinese: 缓冲器Pronunciation for 缓冲器
  • Croatian: branikPronunciation for branik
  • Czech: nárazníkPronunciation for nárazník
  • Danish: kofangerPronunciation for kofanger
  • Dutch: bumperPronunciation for bumper
  • European Spanish: parachoquesPronunciation for parachoques
  • Finnish: auton puskuriPronunciation for auton puskuri
  • French: pare-chocsPronunciation for pare-chocs
  • German: StoßstangePronunciation for Stoßstange
  • Greek: προφυλακτήραςPronunciation for προφυλακτήρας
  • Italian: paraurtiPronunciation for paraurti
  • Japanese: バンパーPronunciation for バンパー
  • Korean: 범퍼Pronunciation for 범퍼
  • Norwegian: støtfangerPronunciation for støtfanger
  • Polish: zderzakPronunciation for zderzak
  • Portuguese: pára-choquePronunciation for pára-choque
  • Romanian: bară de protecție bare de protecție
  • Russian: бамперPronunciation for бампер
  • Spanish: parachoquesPronunciation for parachoques
  • Swedish: stötfångarePronunciation for stötfångare
  • Thai: กันชนPronunciation for กันชน
  • Turkish: tamponPronunciation for tamponoto
  • Ukrainian: бампер
  • Vietnamese: cái hãm xungPronunciation for cái hãm xung
  • British English: bumper A bumper crop or harvest is one that is larger than usual. ADJECTIVE...a bumper crop of rice.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: grande
  • Chinese: 丰收的丰豐收的
  • European Spanish: formidable
  • French: record
  • German: Rekord-
  • Italian: eccezionale
  • Japanese: 豊作の
  • Korean: 풍작의
  • Portuguese: abundante
  • Spanish: formidable

Example Sentences Including 'bumper'

A driver slammed on his brakes and slid to a stop only inches from her rear bumper.
Lawson, Jonell Roses are for the Rich
A wrap used for carrying a baby hung off a parked car's bumper.
And shop workers are really facing the hordes this year, as retailers are gearing up for a bumper Christmas.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Figures released this week show that Belfast traders enjoyed a bumper summer, bucking the likely national trend.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
For 1970, the Charger received a loop front bumper than encircled the entire grille opening.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
More additions and special guest announcements will be made in next week's bumper Christmas issue of NME.
NME (New Musical Express) (2002)
These are people who put a bumper sticker on their restaurant doorstep that reads: "Stop Eating Animals.
Globe and Mail (2003)
They climbed into a hired car and the Arab driver got angry when he learned the guests had tied tin cans to the rear bumper.
Aidan Hartley THE ZANZIBAR CHEST: A Memoir of Love and War (2003)
`No. He was lying there under the front bumper of a parked car.
Tapply, William G A Rodent of Doubt


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