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bust1 (bʌst Pronunciation for bust1



  1. the chest of a human being, esp a woman's bosom
  2. a sculpture of the head, shoulders, and upper chest of a person

Word Origin

C17: from French buste, from Italian busto a sculpture, of unknown origin

bust2 (bʌst Pronunciation for bust2 (informal)



Word forms:  busts,  busting,  busted,  bust
  1. to burst or break
  2. to make or become bankrupt
  3. (transitive) (of the police) to raid, search, or arrest   ⇒ the girl was busted for drugs
  4. (transitive) (US & Canadian) to demote, esp in military rank
  5. (transitive) (US & Canadian) to break or tame (a horse, etc)
  6. (transitive) (mainly US) to punch; hit
  7. See bust a gut


  1. a raid, search, or arrest by the police
  2. (mainly US) a punch; hit
  3. (US & Canadian) a failure, esp a financial one; bankruptcy
  4. a drunken party


  1. broken
  2. bankrupt
  3. See go bust

Word Origin

C19: from a dialect pronunciation of burst


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= break, smash, split, crack, burst, snap, shatter, fracture, splinter, rupture, break into fragments
= arrest, catch, lift, raid, cop, nail, collar, nab, feel your collar
= arrest, capture, raid, cop

Translations for 'bust'

  • British English: bustPronunciation for bust A bust is a statue of someone's head and shoulders....a bronze bust of the Queen.bʌst NOUN
  • Arabic: تـِمْثال نِصْفيPronunciation for تـِمْثال نِصْفي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Chinese: 胸像Pronunciation for 胸像
  • Croatian: bistaPronunciation for bista
  • Czech: bystaPronunciation for bysta
  • Danish: bustePronunciation for buste
  • Dutch: boezemPronunciation for boezem
  • European Spanish: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Finnish: poviPronunciation for povi
  • French: bustePronunciation for buste
  • German: BüstePronunciation for Büste
  • Greek: μπούστοPronunciation for μπούστο
  • Italian: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Japanese: バストPronunciation for バスト
  • Korean: 여성의 가슴Pronunciation for 여성의 가슴
  • Norwegian: bystePronunciation for byste
  • Polish: popiersiePronunciation for popiersie
  • Portuguese: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Romanian: bust busturi
  • Russian: бюстPronunciation for бюст
  • Spanish: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Swedish: bystPronunciation for byst
  • Thai: รูปปั้นครึ่งตัวPronunciation for รูปปั้นครึ่งตัว
  • Turkish: büstPronunciation for büst
  • Ukrainian: бюст
  • Vietnamese: tượng bán thânPronunciation for tượng bán thân
  • British English: bust If you bust something, you break it or damage it so badly that it cannot be used. VERBThey will have to bust the door to get him out.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arrombar
  • Chinese: 打碎
  • European Spanish: romper
  • French: démolir
  • German: aufbrechen
  • Italian: sfasciare
  • Japanese: 破裂させる
  • Korean: 때려부수다
  • Portuguese: arrombar
  • Spanish: romper

Example Sentences Including 'bust'

Actor Aryan Vaid also burnt his fingers when his restaurant went bust within months of its launch.
India Today (2002)
All Atlantic's competitors are struggling in the face of investor scepticism and some have gone bust.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
He entered the drugs trade aged 16, when his father's construction company went bust.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
He has placed a painting and a bronze bust of Ike in prominent White House locations.
Globe and Mail (2003)
I would recommend Pete Cohen and the processes in this book to anyone who wishes to break or bust any unwanted habits or behaviour.
Pete Cohen and Sten Cummins with Jennai Cox HABIT BUSTING: A 10-step plan that will change your life (2002)
In 1997, a police officer said Mr. Prieto "came out like a madman "when cornered during a drug bust.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Lenin's table, Lenin's spectacles, his pen, the glowering, certain bust.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
She had left school now, but she was not a woman yet, still leggy, her bust undeveloped.
Hilton, John Buxton Displaced Person
The only truly grand monument was an Italianate bust recessed into a block of white marble.
Pickard, Nancy No Body


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