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Definitions of bust

bust1 (bʌst Pronunciation for bust1



  1. the chest of a human being, esp a woman's bosom
  2. a sculpture of the head, shoulders, and upper chest of a person

Word Origin

C17: from French buste, from Italian busto a sculpture, of unknown origin

bust2 (bʌst Pronunciation for bust2 (informal)



Word forms:  busts,  busting,  busted,  bust
  1. to burst or break
  2. to make or become bankrupt
  3. (transitive) (of the police) to raid, search, or arrest   ⇒ the girl was busted for drugs
  4. (transitive) (US & Canadian) to demote, esp in military rank
  5. (transitive) (US & Canadian) to break or tame (a horse, etc)
  6. (transitive) (mainly US) to punch; hit
  7. See bust a gut


  1. a raid, search, or arrest by the police
  2. (mainly US) a punch; hit
  3. (US & Canadian) a failure, esp a financial one; bankruptcy
  4. a drunken party


  1. broken
  2. bankrupt
  3. See go bust

Word Origin

C19: from a dialect pronunciation of burst


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= break, smash, split, crack, burst, snap, shatter, fracture, splinter, rupture, break into fragments
= arrest, catch, lift, raid, cop, nail, collar, nab, feel your collar
= arrest, capture, raid, cop

Translations for 'bust'

  • British English: bustPronunciation for bust A bust is a statue of someone's head and shoulders....a bronze bust of the Queen.bʌst NOUN
  • Arabic: تـِمْثال نِصْفيPronunciation for تـِمْثال نِصْفي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Chinese: 胸像Pronunciation for 胸像
  • Croatian: bistaPronunciation for bista
  • Czech: bystaPronunciation for bysta
  • Danish: bustePronunciation for buste
  • Dutch: boezemPronunciation for boezem
  • European Spanish: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Finnish: poviPronunciation for povi
  • French: bustePronunciation for buste
  • German: BüstePronunciation for Büste
  • Greek: μπούστοPronunciation for μπούστο
  • Italian: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Japanese: バストPronunciation for バスト
  • Korean: 여성의 가슴Pronunciation for 여성의 가슴
  • Norwegian: bystePronunciation for byste
  • Polish: popiersiePronunciation for popiersie
  • Portuguese: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Romanian: bust busturi
  • Russian: бюстPronunciation for бюст
  • Spanish: bustoPronunciation for busto
  • Swedish: bystPronunciation for byst
  • Thai: รูปปั้นครึ่งตัวPronunciation for รูปปั้นครึ่งตัว
  • Turkish: büstPronunciation for büst
  • Ukrainian: бюст
  • Vietnamese: tượng bán thânPronunciation for tượng bán thân
  • British English: bust If you bust something, you break it or damage it so badly that it cannot be used. VERBThey will have to bust the door to get him out.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arrombar
  • Chinese: 打碎
  • European Spanish: romper
  • French: démolir
  • German: aufbrechen
  • Italian: sfasciare
  • Japanese: 破裂させる
  • Korean: 때려부수다
  • Portuguese: arrombar
  • Spanish: romper


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