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by turns


  1. . one after another; alternately


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= alternately, in succession, turn and turn about, reciprocally

Example Sentences Including 'by turns'

A satire on fascism, the film is by turns incomprehensible, hilarious and terrifying.
Times, Sunday Times (2005)
But there they were, steadily paced footprints following their determined path, vanishing and reappearing by turns.
Stewart, Michael Grace
Funny and serious by turns , he made interesting what could otherwise have been brain-numbing.
Govinda, coy, petulant and childish by turns , is superb and Kapoor matches his infectious energy.
India Today (1997)
He treated us all like schoolboys, lavishing undeserved praise or undeserved abuse by turns and we all minded.
Penny Junor HOME TRUTHS: Life Around My Father (2002)
His website is nimbly written, by turns serious, sarcastic and satirical.
The Australian (2005)
Mr Clinton had returned from the Middle East to find the crisis that had faded, flickered and flared by turns was back with a vengeance.
Independent (1998)
Sometimes he'd get into this kind of grim mood, aggressive and silent by turns.
Kate Cann SEX (2001)
With 3, Grant King has delivered an entertaining read, by turns hilarious and stomach-churning.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2005)


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